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Christian RUMPEL

BIOGRAPHY: Christian RUMPEL was the second child of Andreas and Carolina RUMPEL (nee SILZER). He came to Canada with his parents May 6, 1891 and the family took up residence in the Balgonie District.
In 1905, at the age of 20, Chris took up a homestead eight miles north of Tyvan, Saskatchewan. He broke 20 acres and in 1906 harvested his first crop of 455 bushels of wheat and broke another 35 acres. In 1907 the crop was badly frozen, the wheat was number 5 and sold for 55 cents a bushel.
On January 13, 1909 Chris married Ida SCHLIEVERT and they lived with her parents, Karl August and Karolina Henrietta SCHLIEVERT (nee LINDEMANN), on the farm 6 miles northwest of Balgonie. In 1910 Chris bought the N.E. quarter of 29-18-17 from his father-in-law for $18 per acre.
In 1912 he bought the S.E. quarter of 29-18-17 forom his brother-in-law, Fred BECKER, at $32 per acre with $1,000 cash and the balance in six years. On March 8, 1911 he sold his homestead in Tyvan to a neighbour for $2,000 with $300 cash and the balance in five years. In 1917 he bought the farm of his father-in-law for $6,000. The farm had a brick veneer house which Chris helped build in 1910. Here they raised their family of five, raising chickens and milking cows. They also had a large vegtable garden. The house was a large two storey with two bedrooms on the main floor and three on the second floor with a large kitchen and livingroom, lots of room for their five children to roam. There was also an ice house to store there vegtables.
In 1948 Chris and Ida moved to the village of Edenwold and bought a neat two bedroom house with a large yard. Ida was an avid gardner and beautiful flowers were always a big part of the garden. By this time three of their children, Ella, Martha, and Ed, were also living in Edenwold. The homestead was sold to their son Herb. On February 7, 1949 Edenwold got electricity connected form Regina and in July 1953 Herb had power connected to the homestead.
In 1963 the yard work became to much for Chris and Ida so they decided to sell the property in Edenwold and move to Regina and live with their daughter and son-in-law, Martha and Carl HOLLERBAUM. Carl and Martha had also just moved to Regina after selling Carl's garage business in Edenwold.
Both Chris and Ida were active members in the Edenwold Baptist Church. Chris was the Sunday School Superintendent for 25 years and a Deacon of the church up until the time they moved to Regina. In June 1964, Chris suffered a stroke and passed away June 26, 1964 in the Regina General Hospital. Funeral services were held Tuesday, June 30 at Faith Baptist Church in Regina. He was buried in Edenwold.
Ida lived with Carl and Martha and was still active in her garden and flowers until she suffered a slight stroke in 1979 which left her to weak to keep up the garden. In 1980 she celebrated her 90 birthday and a tea was held on May 25, 1980 with some 70 friends and relatives dropping by, she enjoyed the day immensely. Ida passed away on September 19, 1985 and is also buried in the Edenwold cemetary.

IMMIGRATION: Passenger number 207667


BIOGRAPHY: Wihelm was the tenth child of 12 born to Johann and Marianne Tiefenbach (nee Stetner). He was baptised in the Luthern faith and confirmed in that faith as a young man.
In early October 1911 Wilhelm (17 years old) immigrated to Regina, arriving on November 2, 1911. With him he brought his nephew, George who was only 12 years old, they were greeted by George's grandparents. He worked for Frank Janotta for a year and then for Chris Wagner for four years. In 1916 he farmed north of Southey Saskatchewan, purchasing one quarter section and rented other land. It was in the Serath area that he met Wilhelmina Hehn, and they were married in the Lutheran Church in Southey on September 11, 1917.
In 1921 they moved to McLean, he farmed for a while but his real interest was blacksmithing, which he apprenticed in Galicia. His first blacksmith shop was in Balgonie, but he bought the blacksmith shop in McLean from Bill Carson. He operated the blacksmith shop until his retirement, 72 years old, in 1966.

Andreas RUMPEL

BIOGRAPHY: This history was taken from information from my Grandfather Christian RUMPEL
On May 6, 1891, Andreas and Carolina RUMPEL arrived in Saskatchewan (before 1905 Saskatchewan was known as District of Assinaboine, North West Territories) from Austria, with four children; William, Christian, Karl, and Jacob.
The family took up a homestead northeast of Balgonie, Section 30 T.18, R.16, W 2nd S.E. 1/4 section.
"In 1895 we left the homestead, which could not be sold, and moved to Texas by train and spent one summer picking cotton. The heat was too great for us from the cold north country so in the fall of 1896 we returned to Manitoba and lived in the town of Gretna. The four boys all went to school that winter and in the spring of 1897 the family came back to Balgonie and to the old homestead with a debt of $160 against it for bringing them back to Canada."
"This was in April 1897 and we made a new start. Dad (Andreas) got a job on a farm at $20 a month. I (Christian) got a summer job with a farmer at Edgeley, by the name of Joseph FESSANT, herding sheep and cattle for $5 a month the first year, $6 a month the second, and $7 a month the third year.
These were my school days and I learnt alot too"

MARRIAGE: FHL film #1474919:
Marriage to Karolina Silzer on June 19, 1883, daughter of Johan Silzer & Karolina Sauer of Satulmare #81, born 6 Sep 1863.

IMMIGRATION: Illischestie Source Book, p. 350: Andreas, born 5 December 1860, first moved to Istensegits, Bukovina and then immigrated in 1890 to Edenwald (tr. note: Edenwold, District of Assinaboine, North West Territories), Canada. (Czernowitz: DEUTSCHE TAGESPOST)
Left from Germany from the Port of Hamburg, passenger number 207661, Andreas and his family travelled from Bukovina to Austria then to Hamburg arriving in Winnipeg.

Karolina SILZER

IMMIGRATION: Passenger number 207664

Georg Valentin RUMPEL

BIRTH: Illischestie Book p.349
*Georg Valentin (My Greatgreat Grandfather)
Illischestie, A Rural Parish in Bukovina: Primary Source Material for Family p.345
Georg Valtin, born 3 February 1819, baptized 5 February 1819 in Illischestie House #99, or Georg Valentin, born 10 February 1819, baptized 14 February 1819 by the Catholic priest in Illischestie House #99, entry about the parents reads "Heinrich Rumpel, Junior, farmer and his wife Barbara", or Valentin Rumpel, farmer, born 10 February 1819 in Illischestie, evangelical Lutheran, died of tuberculosis on 18 March 1868 at six o'clock in the morning, or Valentin Rumpel, farmer, Illischestie House #112, born 10 February 1819, died 18 March 1868, was married 23 February 1841 to Elisabetha Leib, born 29 December 1824 to Peter Leib and his wife Carolina Wagner
Illischestie Book p.349

DEATH: FHL film #1474917
Lists death on 18 March 1868 of Lung disease, buried on 20 March 1868 in Illischestie [conflict: birth is listed as 10 Feb 1819]

MARRIAGE: FHL film #1768049
Milleschoutz marriages p. 87
February 13, 1841
Valenin Rumpel, 21 of Illischestie, married Elisabetha Leib, 17 of Badeutz, daughter of Peter Leib & Carolina Wagner.

GENERAL: Illischestie Book p.349
Georg Valentin Rumpel, born 3 February 1819, farmer, Illischestie House #112, and his wife Elisabetha Leib, born 29 December 1824, had 10 children

Barbara RUMPEL

BIRTH: Illischestie Book p.349
Barbara, born 26 August 1846, baptized 31 August 1846 in Illischestie House #112 by a Greek Orthodox clergyman from Costina

DEATH: FHL film #1768050, item 1
Barbara died 27 Feb 1848 in Illischestie #112, buried 29 February 1848 (1 year 6 months 1 day)

Wilhelm RUMPEL

BIRTH: Chronik Der Bukowiner Landgemeinde Illischestie, Johann Christian Dressleer: p352
15 June 1848, father Valentin.


BIRTH: Chronik Der Bukowiner Landgemeinde Illischestie, Johann Christian Dressleer: p.350
Anna, born 22 January 1856, moved to Corlata (Korlata).

BAPTISM/CHRISTENING: Baptized 27 January 1856 in Illischestie House #112, died 16 November 1929, was married and moved to Corlata (Korlata) on 5 September 1875.


BIRTH: Peter, born 6 November 1857, baptized 6 November 1857 in Illischestie House #112.

DEATH: FHL film #1768050, item 1
Milleschoutz Death Records
Peter died 6 November 1857 in Illischestie House #112